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Best wagyu sandos in hong kong

Guide: Where to find the best wagyu beef sandos in HK.


Guide: hong kong juice

I write about where to grab the best juice in HK when you feel the need for a tasty boost of energy.


Review:Octavium hong kong

I review Octavium’s one-night-only black truffle menu.

Video review: High Chai afternoon tea at VEDA, Hong Kong

I tried one of the few vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free afternoon teas in Hong Kong, and distilled the experience in a video review! Scroll down to watch.

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WWF Releases Latest Sustainable Seafood Procurement Policy

News feature: Hong Kong superstores are doing their bit to help our oceans.

Sip Song

Review: Sip song thai bar and restaurant

I review Repulse Bay’s latest addition at The Pulse.

Afternoon Tea Series


The History of afternoon tea

How afternoon tea came to be such a big deal in Hong Kong…



These light and crumbly scones are perfect for afternoon tea at home with family and friends.


Dietary requirements are tricky, particularly when dining out, so it follows that Hong Kong can be a nightmare if you have to stick to a special diet. Luckily, VEDA has started serving an afternoon tea. Being a vegetarian restaurant, this afternoon tea is completely veggie, with some items on the menu also gluten free and vegan. I checked it out to give you the low-down.


Cheats guide: Your own afternoon tea

A cheats guide to making your very own afternoon tea… Where to buy the best scones, tea, jam and clotted cream in Hong Kong…


Classic scone recipe

A classic recipe for traditional English scones…