About gee

I am a British expatriate currently living in Hong Kong. I am a professional journalist and online and social media content writer and copy editor.

My most recent work has been with Foodie, an online and magazine publication where new restaurants are listed and reviewed, products are compared, food technology is explored, and recipes and guides are listed. This work has taken me to exciting media launches, where I’ve been first to taste some of Hong Kong’s best fine dining menus and innovative restaurant concepts. As well as being in the loop with all the current food news, innovation, technology, openings and menus, I thoroughly enjoy working to follow the latest news with an article, feature, news report or guide.

It goes without saying that I am a foodie at heart, and have written my own recipes which I have filmed, edited and produced videos of, for Foodie’s online content. I also create and edit little feature videos for Foodie’s Youtube channel and website.

I have written content and edited the website for GravityLifeHK, as well as managing the events and social media account.

As well as professional work, I update my Instagram account with my latest food experiences, be that a new recipe I’ve tried or created, restaurant reviews, food from my travels; often relating to what it means to me to have a healthy relationship with food.